Tanzania Safari Tours


Lion - Ngorongoro Crater - African Safari Tours - www.photo-safaris.comAfrican Safari Tours, which range from traveling by 4x4 drive vehicle between the respective safari destinations, to more basic, overland camping safaris, are for people who enjoy the camaraderie of traveling with a few other like-minded people and who appreciate the many advantages of having a professional guide on hand at all times. Sharing the experience often makes it much more rewarding & having a guide to identify birds, trees & mammals can make all the difference.

Safari Tours in Africa are highly recommend them for first-time visitors to Southern and East Africa.  These cross-country safaris are also ideal for single travelers of either sex. The ideal group size is eight. If you will enjoy the group experience, if you do not mind an occasional long drive to get from one area to the next, you will enjoy doing a safari tour. These safari tours have set pricing, usually with fixed departure dates, and may be joined individually, or booked as a group depending on availability. African Safari tours typically run with a minimum of two guests and a maximum of eight.

Listed below are a selection of the most popular safari tours in Tanzania. Please review the Tanzania Safari Tour itineraries below. These itineraries may also be helpful as a guideline to help plan a customized adventure safari!


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The Kiboko Safari -  Budget Safaris in Tanzania - www.photo-safaris.com The Kifaru Safarii -  Budget Safaris in Tanzania - www.photo-safaris.com The Simba Safarii -  Budget Safaris in Tanzania - www.photo-safaris.com
The Kiboko Safari
(6 Days)
The Kifaru Safari
(6 Days)
The Simba Safari
(7 Days)
The Dik Dik Safari - Family Safaris in Africa - Fun for everyone in the family - www.photo-safaris.com Making Tracks Through Tanzania - African Safari Tours - www.photo-safaris.com
The Dik Dik Safari
(9 Days)
The Flight of the Bateleur Safari
(7 Days)
Making Tracks Through Tanzania
(13 Days)