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Wildlife Camp (South Luangwa National Park) Zambia

  Rustic Classic Accommodation.

Elephant Bedroom Camp, Samburu National Reserve, Kenya.

Set on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River in Samburu National Reserve surrounded by Doum palms and other beautiful indigenous trees and shrubs.

Elephant Bull, Jao Concession, Okavango Delta, Botswana.

Jao offers an excellent all round Okavango experience, with game drives, mokoro excursions, short guided walks and boating available.

Chongwe River House wins The Good Safari Award for the Best Safari House in Africa AGAIN!

Game viewing is done from a vehicle in either the Lower Zambezi National Park or from a boat on the Zambezi. Canoeing, walking and fishing are also offered.

African Lion - The predator everybody wants to see on Safari!

The African lion is one of the most popular group of cats in the Wild. Its popularly known as the King of the jungle due to impressive mane

Ngerende Island Lodge (Olchoro – Oirogua Conservation Ranch, Masai Mara, Kenya.)

The lodge is surrounded on all sides by water, but for a 100 yard wide section where the river has not quite joined up, to become a true island.

Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa.

Cape Town is a city of culture, built on a history that reflects in the architecture, cuisine, music and dance. An ideal holiday destination throughout the year.

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Wildlife Camp (South Luangwa National Park) Zambia

Wildlife Camp (South Luangwa National Park) Zambia -

Wildlife Camp is a safari-camp on the banks of the Luangwa River, South Luangwa National Park, Zambia. We provide our guests with an affordable front-row seat to one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in Africa.

South Luangwa is Zambia’s premier game viewing park where you can enjoy a unique type of habitat seldom seen elsewhere in Africa. Lying on the valley floor, between the meandering Luangwa River and the steep Muchinga Escarpment, this is the best national park in Zambia and one of the finest in all Africa.

The seasonal floodplains create an environment that supports a huge diversity of wildlife including over 100 species of mammals and over 420 species of birds as well as many reptiles, insects, amphibians and plants. A totally different experience from parks elsewhere in Africa, Luangwa offers a real immersion to the bush life in an attractive habitat of sausage trees and lagoons.


Wildlife Camp (South Luangwa National Park) Zambia -



In the stunning light of early morning and late afternoon, one can often see elephants, impala, puku, troops of baboons, flocks of water birds, crocodiles and hippos all through the same view finder of your camera or binoculars!

The park is reputed to have the highest concentration of leopard in Africa. It is estimated that there is one Leopard for every kilometre of river in the Luangwa Valley, so your chances of seeing this elusive nocturnal cat are heightened in this park. Pods of up to 500 hippos are possible to view in the dry season as the river shrinks and they are confined to areas of deep pools. On average during the year there are probably 45 - 60 hippos per kilometer!


Wildlife Camp (South Luangwa National Park) Zambia -
Responsible Tourism:

At Wildlife Camp we offer a much-needed niche for everyone who is enthusiastic about wildlife, the Luangwa valley and Zambia! At the camp we have rustic en-suite chalets, a secluded en-suite tented camp, a Bushcamp for overnight walking safaris and a stunning campsite, all situated on the banks of the Luangwa River in the Luangwa Valley. This valley forms the south-western extension of Africa’s extraordinary Great Rift Valley. The camp and its staff always aim to play second fiddle to Mother Nature and her wonderful spectacles, which is very often on display right in front of the restaurant and chalets.

Wildlife Camp is situated on land owned by Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia (WECSZ). We operate under their auspices and proudly donate a considerable portion of funds generated by your stay with us to the WECSZ – roughly 60% of all the accommodation and camping fees, which in return supports the wildlife and people of the Luangwa Valley and Zambia.

Wildlife Camp (South Luangwa National Park) Zambia -

Accommodation in this luxury safari camp consists of four individually designed chalets each on raised wooden decks with high thatched roofs and private verandas.

The rooms are very spacious with the stylish furnishings that one would expect from one of Zambia's luxury walking safari camps.

As with most of the Norman Carr bush camps the bathrooms have no roofs and are set under the shade of the trees above. Wildlife Camp is made up of nine chalets (6 twin, 1 double, and 2 family chalets). Our tented Camp has five twin en-suite tents and our bushcamp has four twin tents.

Wildlife Camp (South Luangwa National Park) Zambia -
Lagoon-side chalets

We have five chalets situated in a quiet corner of the camp, overlooking a lagoon area and surrounded by huge shady trees.

Parking for your vehicles is available right by the chalets. A combination of rustic and comfortable, they all offer a unique view over the lagoon where wildlife is abundant.

We offer three chalets that can sleep up to three guests, a fourth chalet for two with a double bed and also a further chalet that can accommodate a family of four in two separate bedrooms with dining area. All have a veranda that allows you to relax and unwind, whilst watching the wildlife that is all around.

Wildlife Camp (South Luangwa National Park) Zambia -
River-side chalets

We have four chalets which are located in the centre of our camp. Conveniently close to our reception area, main bar and restaurant, these chalets each offer unique views over the Luangwa River.

We have three chalets that can sleep up to three guests and a fourth chalet which can accommodate a family of five in two separate bedrooms.

The smaller chalets have their own private verandas from which you can enjoy the ever changing scenery that unfolds next to the Luangwa River.


Wildlife Camp (South Luangwa National Park) Zambia -
Barefoot Tented Camp
A very private section of our camp offering all en-suite tented accommodation. Being located in a private area beyond our campsite with magnificent views over the Luangwa River and all the creatures within it, it is perfectly set up for groups of up to 10 people, but also for the independent traveller.

We offer five tents, all located under thatched roofs, each comprising two beds, an open air shower and toilet facilities. Each tent also has a small veranda to the front which offers, without a doubt, the best river view in the whole Luangwa valley. Enjoy the tranquility and stunning setting. This location offers the classic combination of rustic, comfortable and affordable in a real “Out of Africa” tented camp. All rooms are provided with mosquito nets and we do have electricity available (power cuts permitting).

Wildlife Camp (South Luangwa National Park) Zambia -

The quality of South Luangwa National Park is reflected in the quality of our guides - the best in Zambia. The local professional guide association sets high standards, and all our guides have passed their tough examinations with flying colours. Our qualified and experienced guides lead all your activities and, as they are all Zambian, they give you a true insight into their own South Luangwa Park.

On walking safaris you will be accompanied by an armed scout assigned by the National Parks Board, (ZAWA) as well as our own knowledgeable guide.

Wildlife Camp (South Luangwa National Park) Zambia -
Morning Drive Safaris

These leave camp at 06.00hrs and return around 10.30hrs. A morning drive allows you to enjoy the full beauty of Luangwa in the early sunlight and the cool temperatures, before the day heats up. The last hunt of the night predators, the waking up and starting day-to-day business of the smaller mammals, the sound of over 470 species of birds and this all can be seen and heard before the sun rises too high. During the morning drive your guide chooses a scenic spot for you to enjoy a warm cup of coffee and stretch your legs.

Safaris are conducted in open vehicles to let you truly appreciate the African bush. Our knowledgeable guides can tell you all you ever wanted to know about a great variety of mammals, birds and trees as well as some local insight and the history of the area. All safaris are half price for children between the ages of 2-12.



Wildlife Camp (South Luangwa National Park) Zambia -
Night Drive Safaris

Our night drives leave camp at 16.00hrs and return around 20.15hrs. After enjoying the late afternoon light you will stop for sundowners. Once refreshed, you will continue to search by spotlight for nocturnal animals. Ever wondered what hippos do at night or how the roaring of a lion sounds close by? Ever wanted to see a leopard stalking impala? Your guide may also find time for some star gazing, as the clear night skies give a fantastic view of the constellations.

 All is possible during this safari. Our guide, accompanied by a ‘spotter’, will take you on a combined trip with two hours of daylight ending with another two hours of darkness. You are able to witness the change in animal life at close hand, from diurnal to nocturnal activities. All safaris are half price for children between the ages of 2-12.




Wildlife Camp (South Luangwa National Park) Zambia -
Walking Safaris

These operate during the dry season from June to October and are not to be missed. Walking quietly through the bush you can explore close up the fascinating insect and plant world, as well as getting closer to the habitat of the birds and mammals. What is meant by the ‘little five’? Which animal does that footprint belong to? Why are the monkeys taking apart that big pile of droppings? All these and other questions our guides can answer.

Since our walking safaris are conducted in small groups (maximum of six according to ZAWA regulations), there is time enough to answer all these and any other questions you might have as you enjoy the variety of the bush. Our guide is accompanied by an obligatory armed scout assigned by the National Parks Board for any walking safaris conducted in or outside the National Park. The safety regulations of the park dictate that children under the age of 12 cannot take part in walking safaris.


In addition to the National Park walking safaris, we offer walks on the camp side of the river which is situated in a Game Management Area on Wildlife Society land. This area is much the same as the National Park, and wild animals are as common here as in the park proper, since they cross the river from the park to our camp. Tea and coffee are provided on your walk. You will enjoy a rest and refreshment half-way through the safari. The walking safari sets off at 06.00hrs and return around 11.00hrs, afternoon walks or revised times can always be discussed with management. To make to most out of your visit to the park, we suggest you use your entrance permit wisely. For example, if you choose to book a morning drive / walk and a night drive with us, your park entry is only paid once.


Walking safari at Wildlife Camp (South Luangwa National Park) Zambia - Wildlife Bush Camp

The Wildlife Bush Camp offers guests a chance to experience an over-night walking safari, complete with bucket showers and meals cooked on an open fire! Our cooks will amaze you with the menu and nothing can compare to a night in the wilds and the sounds you can hear. The camp consists of 4 twin tents, two bush toilets and bucket showers – it has no electricity and is basic in many ways but rich in atmosphere and location. Our knowledgeable and qualified Zambian guides, an armed scout and bush chef escort you on this magical overnight trip and show you the wonders of nature.

An afternoon walk will take you out to the bush camp, where our cook is waiting for you with refreshments. After a cold local beer, a relaxing sunset in the middle of the bush awaits you, with bird song, hippo conversation and other animal sounds. Regular visits from elephants or giraffes make the afternoon complete. Our bush camp is offered as full board only, including all your meals and activities from the day you depart, until the last breakfast and return walk from the bush. What more can be said, it’s an experience not to be missed! As the Bushcamp is so popular and to assure the privacy of the bush for our guests (maximum eight), booking early is essential.

Village Tours

Besides our safaris into the South Luangwa National Park, The Wildlife Camp is happy to offer village tours for you to get a full understanding of the beauty and dynamics of Zambia.

A truly authentic Zambian experience is only offered by the colorful Zambian people themselves. Four hour tours take you to the local market to see the daily business of the local community adjacent to the National Park. You will have the possibility of trying some local dishes, pounding some mealie-meal for nshima, or just a stroll through the local village and having a chat at the market; it’s all up to you. Since our guide accompanies you in our car, possibilities are endless and depend on the activities on that day. Depending on your preferences, our guide will show you a great part of the village he knows very well. This tour is Subject to vehicle availability and number of clients.


  Accommodation Rates:- From $250 per person per night sharing. Please contact us for a quote and suggested itinerary.  


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