Sanctuary Swala Camp (Tarangire National Park) Tanzania


Sanctuary Swala Camp (Tarangire National Park) Tanzania -


Sanctuary Swala is located in an exceptionally private section of Tarangire National Park, offering visitors a luxurious and very exclusive safari experience. The camp, which has twelve tents, has recently been completely rebuilt to the highest eco-friendly standards.

Set to become one of Tanzania’s most iconic retreats, Sanctuary Swala is now open following a US$1.5 million rebuild.

The camp is located in secluded area of Tarangire National Park, arguably northern Tanzania's most interesting park, famous for the large herds of elephants and spectacular baobab trees.

Sanctuary Swala Camp (Tarangire National Park) Tanzania -


Twelve tents surround the main dining area, deck and library which are lifted on stilts around an enormous and ancient baobab tree. There is now also a stunning infinity swimming pool overlooking the water hole. Each of the twelve luxurious canvas pavilions is shaded by tall acacia trees and all are within sight of the well-frequented water hole which regularly draws lions, leopards and resident bull elephants for which Sanctuary Swala is famed.

The tents feature a spacious open plan arrangement with comfortable king or twin beds, campaign chairs and plush sofas, as well as en suite bathroom with both indoor and outdoor shower. Each tent has its own personal attendant who will attend to guests' every need. Exquisitely furnished with traditional materials, the tents at Sanctuary Swala are unashamedly luxurious but still close enough to nature to permit an exciting night under canvas.

Sanctuary Swala Camp (Tarangire National Park) Tanzania -


Access to the camps is very good, each with their own airstrip and good roads directly into the camps. The game viewing is excellent within the camps and in the surrounding areas.

Being situated away from the larger lodges has given the camps their own virtually private game drive areas offering the clients unique and exciting game viewing, without interruption from other Tourists. Also, through their use of open vehicles and guided bush walks in secluded corners of the best game viewing areas, they combine the more intimate and interpretative activities reminiscent of Southern Africa with the exciting species and dense game population for which Tanzania is famous.

The image that will be portrayed by the camps will be that of a country house under canvas. The standards of cuisine, service and hosting exceed those normally expected in East Africa and are more comparable with camps in Botswana or Sabi Sands in South Africa. The format of the camps however is traditional and although the furnishings and details are of a very high standard the architecture is designed to blend with the bush not compete with it.


Sanctuary Swala Camp (Tarangire National Park) Tanzania -


Game Viewing / Activities:

Open vehicles, walking and a virtually private game viewing area, achieve a more interactive experience than the traditional East African formula. Low host to client ratios also achieves a high level of interpretation and potential customization of each client’s experience.

Tarangire is arguably, the best dry season refuge for big-game in Africa. The lifeblood of this park is the Tarangire River. This rises in the Kondoa Highlands to the southwest of the park and bisects the length of the park providing fresh water for game in the dry months from July to December.

This migration flows from the surrounding country of the Maasai Steppe, the Manyara and Lokisale areas into Tarangire bringing in vast numbers of plains game to swell the resident herds. An increasing number and variety of game are becoming resident due to a number of factors making Tarangire an all-year park.

This park is known for its elephant, Baobab Trees, and bird-life. The elephant have become mainly resident with large breeding herds of up to 400 in number concentrating in the central area of the park at certain times of the year. Resident bull elephants are to be found in the northern sector of the park. Tarangire has the largest known number of breeding species of birds in Tanzania. Both the exquisite Fischer's and Black-cheeked Lovebirds are seen in large numbers and at certain times of the year enormous flocks of Red-billed Quelea make their presence known by sheer weight of numbers.

Sanctuary Swala Camp (Tarangire National Park) Tanzania -


The secretive Lesser Kudu and distinctively marked Fringed-Eared Oryx are two species rarely seen in other parks and yet can be spotted with relative ease in Tarangire which is an added bonus. They can be found mainly in the Sangaiwe and Kitibong areas adjacent t the camp. Also the more regal Greater Kudu has been sighted within a short distance of the camp.

Again, another unusual occurrence to have both Greater and Lesser Kudu existing side by side. Herds of Buffalo numbering 300-400 at times, are seen on their way to slake their considerable thirst in the river.

The sight of a large herd determinedly crossing a track is always impressive. The park has a good cat population with the three major species of lion, leopard, and cheetah being well represented.


  Accommodation Rates:- From $550 per person sharing per night. Please contact us for a quote and suggested itinerary.