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Safari Lodges and Safari Camps in Botswana

(Listed below in their respective regional locations)

Elephant Bedroom Camp, Samburu National Reserve, Kenya.

Set on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River in Samburu National Reserve surrounded by Doum palms and other beautiful indigenous trees and shrubs.

Elephant Bull, Jao Concession, Okavango Delta, Botswana.

Jao offers an excellent all round Okavango experience, with game drives, mokoro excursions, short guided walks and boating available.

Chongwe River House wins The Good Safari Award for the Best Safari House in Africa AGAIN!

Game viewing is done from a vehicle in either the Lower Zambezi National Park or from a boat on the Zambezi. Canoeing, walking and fishing are also offered.

African Lion - The predator everybody wants to see on Safari!

The African lion is one of the most popular group of cats in the Wild. Its popularly known as the King of the jungle due to impressive mane

Ngerende Island Lodge (Olchoro – Oirogua Conservation Ranch, Masai Mara, Kenya.)

The lodge is surrounded on all sides by water, but for a 100 yard wide section where the river has not quite joined up, to become a true island.

Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa.

Cape Town is a city of culture, built on a history that reflects in the architecture, cuisine, music and dance. An ideal holiday destination throughout the year.

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Chobe National Park Camps and Lodges

One of the very first things one will notice when browsing our website, is the fact that we have NOT included a comprehensive list of "ALL" the safari camps to be found in the respective African safari destinations... With very good reason...

We selected only those safari camps and lodges that (to our knowledge) contribute directly to community upliftment and which apply good principles of sustainable eco-tourism. {Rural populations, across socio - economic lines, must be incorporated into the flow of benefits (both financial and otherwise) accruing from the tourism and wildlife industry}.

Generally speaking, when there are benefits derived from the wildlife tourism industry, there are a lot of "leakages". This is a polite way of saying that there are only a handful of individuals who benefit, and it's usually the most influential members of a community. Meanwhile, the most rural populations and those who feel the impact of wildlife tourism most acutely are left with very little, or nothing at all. The result of course, is that wildlife plundering continues, while the a few influential benefit.

Therefore, households need to become fully entrenched in the tourism supply chain and resultant income streams such that financial benefits are shared and flow directly and consistently to rural households. It's only then that rural populations can rely on wildlife and tourism income as a livelihood strategy.

At that point, it becomes an asset. And when something is an asset, then it is worthwhile to protect and conserve its survival. The challenge then is to create a model whereby the communities that border National Parks, Game Reserves and Conservancies see wildlife and tourism as assets. That is the only way the future of Africa's wildlife is ensured... 

We have included all the lodges below, ordered by our own grading system, as well as by price.

Our Grading:

  Top of the line, Luxury Premier Accommodation
    Luxury Classic Accommodation
  Rustic Accommodation or Mobile Tented Camps

Please click on the images for detailed camp information
    Camp Savuti     
Chobe Chilwero Lodge
Camp Kuzuma  Chobe Water Villas Chobe Chilwero
   Chobe Game Lodge  Elephant Valley Lodge Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge 
   Kubu Lodge Muchenje Safari Lodge  Ngoma Safari Lodge
  Savute Elephant Camp  Savute Safari Lodge 
Nogatsaa Pans Lodge Savute Elephant Camp   Savute Safari Lodge 
  The Zambezi Queen Houseboat   
  The Zambezi Queen   
Kalahari Game Reserve Safari Camps and Lodges 
Deception Valley Lodge  
Deception Valley Lodge     Dinaka
  Kalahari Plains Camp  Tau Pan camp 
Grasslands Bushman Lodge  Kalahari Plains Camp  Tau Pan Camp    
Kwando | Linyanti | Selinda Safari Camps and Lodges
  Duma Tau Camp  Kings' Pool Camp 
Camp Savuti   Duma Tau Camp  Kings Pool Camp 
Kwando Lagoon Camp  Kwando Lebala Camp  Linyanti Bush Camp   
    Savuti Camp 
Linyanti Ebony Camp    Motswiri Camp  Savuti Camp   
The Selinda Canoe Trail  Selinda Camp   
Selinda Canoe Trail  Selinda Camp  Selinda Explorers Camp 
  Zarafa Camp   
  Zarafa Camp   
Makgadikgadi and Nxai Pan National Park Safari Camps and Lodges 
  Leroo La Tau   
Camp Kalahari  Leroo La Tau  Meno a Kwena Tented Camp 
Nxai Pan Camp  Jacks' Camp  San Safari Camp 
Nxai Pan Camp  Jacks Camp  San Camp  
Mashatu Game Reserve Safari Camps and Lodges
Mashatu Main Camp    Mashatu Tent Camp 
Mashatu Main Camp    Mashatu Tented Camp 
Moremi Game Reserve Safari Camps and Lodges
Camp Moremi 
  3rd Bridge Camp Camp Moremi Hyaena Pan 
Kwai River Lodge Moremi Crossing
  Kwai River Lodge Moremi Crossing Nokanyana
Okuti Camp Sable Alley  SkyBeds 
Okavango Delta Safari Camps and Lodges
  African Horseback Safaris   
  African Horseback Safaris   
Camp Okavango  Chitabe Camp  Chitabe Lediba Camp 
Camp Okavango  Chitabe Camp  Chitabe Lediba Camp 
Duba Expeditions Camp -  Duba Plains   
Duba Expeditions Camp  Duba Plains Camp   Delta Camp 
Eagle Island Camp  Gunn's Camp  Jacana Camp 
Eagle Island Camp  Gunn's Camp  Jacana Camp 
Jao Camp   
Jao Camp  Kanana Camp   Kadizora Camp 
Kwai River Lodge  Kwara Camp  Kwetsani Camp 
Kwai River Lodge  Kwara Camp  Kwetsani Camp 
Little Kwara Camp  Little Mombo Camp  Little Vumbura Camp 
Little Kwara Camp  Little Mombo Camp  Little Vumbura Camp 
  Mombo Camp
Mapula Lodge  Mombo Camp  Mopiri Camp
Oddball's Camp   Nxabega Okavango Camp   Oddball's Enclave  
Pom Pom Camp
Pom Pom Camp    Qorokwe Rra Dinare Camp
Baines' Camp  Chief's Camp  Staley's Camp 
 Sanctuary Baines' Camp  Sanctuary Chiefs' Camp  Sanctuary Stanleys' Camp 
  Seba Camp   
Sandibe Safari Lodge  Seba Camp   Shinde Camp 
Tubu Tree Camp Vumbura Plains Camp
Shinde Enclave     Tubu Tree Camp  Vumbura Plains Camp 
Xakanaxa Camp    Xigera Camp 
Xakanaxa Camp  Xarrana Okavango Delta Camp  Xigera Camp  
Xugana Island Lodge     
Xugana Island Lodge     Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge 
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